Schöllenen gorge

Göschenen, often covered in deep snow in winter, lies at the northern portal of the Gotthard tunnel at 1,100 metres altitude. It is the starting point to an adventurous tour through the Schöllenenschlucht upwards to Andermatt. Today, this route is easily accessible by rail and road. Back in the 13th century, on the other hand, this gorge seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. One legend claims that the first bridge across the Schöllenenschlucht was built by the devil himself. Because the local people withheld the promised wages, he tried to destroy the bridge by hurling down a huge boulder. However, by divine intervention the devil’s boulder missed its target and plunged down through the whole ravine until it came to a halt shortly before Göschenen. The “Teufelsstein” (devil’s stone), with a height of roughly ten meters, is still lying there today. After departure from Göschenen, it can be seen on the right-hand side next to today’s motorway.